Who Are We?

Finance Kitchen is London’s fusion of financial expertise and a love of food.

Founder Ian Woodley has been involved in financial services since leaving school, most recently establishing and running a national award winning business rescue funder Now Financial Advisory which has saved many businesses and jobs across a variety of industries. Witnessing SMEs’ that have made mistakes and working with them to turn them around is the best possible grounding to make sure that new and growing businesses avoid the same pain.

Finance Kitchen takes that real "in the trenches" experience and uses it to get behind London food entrepreneurs whether pop ups, start-ups or growing established businesses. Working with them to make sure they have the funding they need to turn dreams into a sustainable reality.

Join our extensive database of lenders and investors. Any proposal we manage will already have been well researched and is investment ready, we know how valuable your time is. Food entrepreneurs love talking about their business and our role is to make sure we wed a hard headed common sense to the passion.

We have a simple ambition, to be London’s number one provider of funding to the independent food and drink market.

What Do We Do?

Finance Kitchen is a magnet for opportunities. A broad range of contacts across both the financial and food markets creates traffic in requests for help. We have an extensive panel of lenders and excellent relations with the crowdfunding fraternity, what we are looking to build is a reliable base of professional investors, the fact that you are reading this suggests that may be you?

The majority of cases we handle have either SEIS or EIS status giving you the opportunity to benefit from Government incentives to invest.

The size and type of investment needs are as varied as the restaurants themselves.

Finance Kitchen's role is to work with the food entrepreneur to deliver an investible proposition. Should you be interested we will then act as facilitator to allow you access to any people or information that you feel you need to make an investment based on whatever due diligence you see fit.

We also have an extensive knowledge of the Private Equity food sector so maybe when the time comes to exit we can manage that process too. Should you wish to be included on our future investment bulletins please give your details below.

Should you wish to be included on our future investment bulletins please register your details below.

Welcome to Finance Kitchen,
London’s Food & Drink Investment Platform

We focus on working with Food & Drink brands that have high growth potential. Their aim is to scale up and exit to create a favourable return for the entrepreneurs and the investors who back them.

All of those listed have already received SEIS or EIS Advanced Assurance and are seeking investment from Sophisticated Investors looking to make a minimum investment of £25,000, this is not a crowdfunding platform.

Finance Kitchen exists to stimulate investment success. By carefully matching sophisticated investors and high growth companies, we create a deeper relationship and more impressive results. Our financial and sector experience, diligence and best-in-class digital platform combine to help you stay close to the opportunity, wherever it arises next.

Our platform is operated by Envestors Limited who are authorised by the UK Financial Conducts authority, so you can invest with full confidence.

Happy Investing!

Ian Woodley
Founder and Director

RISK WARNING:Your capital is at risk. The risks include: the lack of liquidity in this market in terms of being able to sell shares; the loss of the value of investment; and dilution of shareholding. When you invest any loss in value will not be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
Please read FULL risk warning here

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